Vogue Nederland

I wish you were there to witness the anxiety attack I had over having to place my collection of Vogue magazines in storage bins that I was storing in our hallway closet the night before I left for New York. It was an episode of hoarders waiting to be filmed. The photo above represents maybe a tenth of the collection I have. No joke, I have a few hundred issues. One from each country that publishes, in fact. I’ve gotten them as birthday and Christmas gifts, souvenirs of travels abroad and just because. I have been collecting Vogues for a few years now and usually, after flipping through them and looking at editorials and reading what few articles I could, I would store them neatly in my closet in stacks.

When I got wind late last year that Condé Nast, Vogue’s publisher was adding a Dutch edition to their roster, I immediately e-mailed my friend Sam, who lives in Amsterdam to get me one as soon as it was released. If it was anything like trying to find a Turkish Vogue in San Diego, I was probably going to just shrug off the notion of hunting for one until it popped up on eBay, but fortunately for me, I had a friend who could get me a copy from its initial printing.

Alas, with all my preparations in moving to New York taking priority, tying up loose ends at work and the countless goodbye dinners, lunches and what-have-yous, I had to attend, it completely slipped my mind. Until a few days ago when the cover of Vogue Nederland finally leaked. It was lensed by Marc de Groot, featuring models Ymre Stiekema, Romee Strijd and Josefien Rodermans and styled by Marije Goekoop.

Overall, the cover isn’t as spectacular as I had hoped it would be. I say this because when other new editions of recent installments of Vogue came out (Turkey, China and India) the covers were exciting and refreshing. I don’t think this Dutch Vogue cover is horrible, I just feel like it left a lot to be desired. To me, it felt more like an ad campaign… out-take, than a Vogue cover. After all, who could forget that stunning first Vogue China cover with Gemma Ward, Du Juan, and Anna Wang. Or that Turkish Vogue cover with Jessica Stam shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

I’ve had a peek at a few of the editorials, and those look promising! Definitely a breath of fresh air and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing my all-time favorite Dutch models: Bette Franke, Lara Stone, Doutzen Kroes, Querelle Jansen and more recently; Nimue Smit, Laura Kampman and Romee Strijd in future issues.

I think I’ll still try and get my hands on a copy, just because it is the first one and I’m curious as to how the rest of the content is, so I’ll post on that when I get a chance. In the mean time, Congratulations to editor-in-chief Karin Swerink and the rest of the team on your premier issue!

For more information on Vogue Nederland, visit the Dutch Vogue website or check their Facebook page.

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One Response to Vogue Nederland

  1. What a great blog post! I only flipped through the pages briefly and am planning to read this first issue from the inside out this weekend! Woohoo! Let me know if you manage to get your hands on a copy, otherwise I might be of help! ;) xoxo

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